Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia and Co-operative Tankers of the Croatian Army at the Round Table

The first part of the working meeting was held on the theme of the Veteran Military Tourism project, which is planned with its contents in the area of Benkovac (place Raštević).

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia and the Cooperative of the Croatian Army Tankers at the Round Table made several important conclusions for the further development of the Tenkodroma and the Ministry of Defense made military equipment available for the Tenkodrome, all in accordance with the statutory provisions on non-persistent military equipment and weapons to be used for Veterans’ Military Tourism.

M.O.R.H. recognizes our project of great importance at the level of national interest and the Croatian Maritime Cooperative Task Force has received full support and assistance in the overall development and achievement of our goals.

Zagreb, May 16, 2017.