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The development and sustainability of the Cooperatives “Croatian Army Tankers”


In the town Benkovac, on the former military training area which is a significant unused space suitable for the development of a military-adrenaline tourism project, and at the same time, in Benkovac acts the Co-operatives “Croatian Army Tankers”‘ in which there are organized Croatian defenders or veterans from the war in the wider area of ​​the Republic of Croatia and the former “Yugoslavia”.
The association or “Community Veterans armored mechanized formations HV” is the creator of the profitable Cooperatives “Croatian Amry Tankers”, founded by the cooperative resulting from the various member associations of the Community VOMP Army for the purpose of ‘Veteran Military Tourism’ right to their intention to use the tourist potential of the former military polygons, improve living conditions for veterans from the war, other direct stakeholders and citizens on the territory of Croatia.
Community VOMP Army has recognized the potential of neglected old military infrastructure in the war-adventure tourism that captures the rapidly growing popularity around the world. Due to excellent transport connections of these locations, as well as the general vicinity of Zadar and other highly visited tourist destinations in the proximity of Velebit, Paklenica, Vrana lake, canyons, etc., many of which are particularly interesting for adrenaline and adventure of tourism in general.
Due to its previous purpose, the location has all the necessary utility infrastructure including ports and an access road.
Taking into account the existing potential, the Community VOMP Army has developed the concept of adrenaline-military park that covers and includes the military-historical content.
The concept includes sports and recreational facilities: “Tankodrome”, paintball, military camp, shooting range, bowling, airsoft, various adventure parks with obstacles, running track, accommodation capacity (and a hotel with 150 beds – or a bungalowpark) and all facilities of shops, restaurants, spa, conference halls and like, and a open and closed military history museum.
Tourists and various users of the park offers them a unique experience, with the ability to ride on or in a military vehicle and the THV project 5, armoured personell carriers (BVP M-80) and tanks (T-55),   in an environment that is thematically specific military orientated.
The project of Co-operatives “Croatian Army Tankers” called ‘Veteran Military Tourism’, which is financed by EU funds and potential partners as well as other sources of financing, will hire unemployed Croatian war veterans and members of their families and other unemployed persons, which increases the level of retention for the current population in the Republic of Croatia, and study`s of the financial viability and profitability has shown that the project of ‘Veteran Military Tourism’ is financially self-sustaining. The project ‘Veteran Military Tourism’ was prepared taking into account the maximum standards of environmental sustainability, the project will use renewable forms of energy and energy-efficient materials and technologies used in the construction industry.
Long-term management of the project has been entrusted to the Co-operative “Croatian Army Tankers” and the development of the project contributes to the tourist recognition due to this unique form of tourism on the Croatian territory and in the region.
A huge role and importance off a all-round sustainability of this project contributes to the proximity of famous tourist destinations and islands that provide a high influx of tourists during the summer and even beyond the summer season, exceptional contribution gets the co-operation of film directors and TV production companies, cultural and educational institutions, sports and recreational associations, scout groups, enthusiasts of military-adrenaline content and the like.