Membership in the Co-operative


  • Members of the Co-operatives may be retired Croatian Homeland War veterans, children of the Missing in Action, killed and imprisoned Croatian Homeland War veterans and other people whose expertise and qualifications corresponds to the interests of the Cooperative.
  • A member of the Co-operatives is a natural or legal person who directly participates in the work of the Co-operative, which operates through Co-operatives or useses its services or in any other way directly participates in achieving the objectives for which the co-operative was established.
  • Co-operative members become members of the Association of Armored – Mechanized formations from the war, and who are members of the Association and an integral part of the Community VOMP HV.
  • Co-operative members become people who signed and accepted the rules of the Co-operatives.
  • A member of the Co-operative is obliged to pay the membership fees to the amount that co-operative arrangements in the Assembly provided, and that it shall not be less than HRK 1,000.00.
  • Co-operative members cant transfer their membership to another person.
  • Member of the co-operative you become by entering the Register of members of the Co-operative, with all the data specified by the law and by-laws and rules.
  • Members of the Co-operatives have the following rights: the right to control, the right on profit sharing based on the records of the personal work and contribution to the Co-operative, legal persons have the right on profit sharing based on the signed contract, the right to elect and be elected to the bodies of the co-operatives and other membership rights arising from the law, other regulations and general acts of the Co-operatives.
  • Co-operative members shall fulfill the obligations towards the co-operative and participate in the Co-operative, to promote and safeguard the interests and reputation of the Co-operatives and in all work in accordance with the laws and decisions of the Assembly and other bodies of Co-operatives.


Acquisition of membership


  • Members of the Co-operatives are the ones who founded the co-operative and those who access the co-operative on the basis of positive legal regulations and rules of the co-operative, and who are enrolled in the directory of members of the co-operative.
  • A candidate for membership gives the Co-operative his Application. The application Manager examines it and gives his opinion. Application Manager and opinions are forwarded to the President of the Assembly who are obliged to put it on the agenda for the next Assembly.
  • The decision to accept a candidate is made by the Assembly through a majority vote of all members.
  • In deciding on the acceptance of candidates into our membership it should be taken into account that members of the co-operative, in accordance with the provisions of the Co-operatives Act, can only be a person who can directly participate in the Co-operatives, which can operate through the Co-operatives or by using its services or otherwise directly involved in achieving the objectives for which the co-operative was established.
  • After deciding that the candidate is accepted into the Co-operative, the candidate member is required within 30 days to pay the membership fee and sign a declaration of acceptance of the Rules of Co-operatives.
  • After the payment of the entry fee, the candidate for the membership must be immediately entered into Co-operatives members list, and by entry into the members list the candidate becomes a regular member of the co-operative.
  • If the candidate fails to pay the membership fee within 30 days from the date of the decision on his membership, it is considered that the application was not made.
  • The founder of Co-operatives and the Co-operative member who joined the co-operative after its foundation have equal rights and obligations.